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As a leading soft play manufacturer and supplier, Softplay Company  represents the future of leisure activities. Using modern and safe materials we build and install indoor and outdoor playgrounds, play buses and play areas for kids. As a leading soft play manufacturer and supplier

Softplay Company  represents the future of leisure activities.

As a leading soft play manufacturer and supplier. We have lots of different themes and colours.  Softplay Company   can design and build a play area to suit your needs for children of all ages. It will be great idea for place like coffee shop, restaurant, shopping centre, hospital or any place where your customers need time to themselves or waiting. We will create perfect play area with your own design to maximise the number of children able to use your play area. We will help you to use your space most usefully and safely. This large play centre is ideal for a children’s play area what will be include space for children of any ages: babies, toddlers, juniors. You will choose any style for your own play centre, for example it may be: – fantastic underwater world or – mysterious jungle or – marine ship or – pirate ship or – fairyland or – Disneyland or – magic kingdom or any style what you like. You can choose and put inside your unique play centre anything from these: – few levels: 2-3-4-5-6; – any slides: open slides, wave slides, tube slides, twist slides, lane wave slides, roller slides, donut slides, spiral slides, drop slides, astra slides, play tub, spiral tube slides; – ball pools, ball volcanos, ball zones, ball movers, ball showers,ball blast zones; – learning labs; – rope bridges; – climbing walls; – rock climbing walls; – discovery walls; – track area with electric track cards; – music zones; – sport zones, sport court; – educational play zones; – activity panels; – interactive panels; – any inflatable games; – any trampolines; Softplay Company   will design, manufacture and build this for you. Large play centres usually take 2 weeks to be designed, manufactured and build. We will design and create unique perfect play area for you. All our products conform to European and British standarts. We offer for you also: – safety certificate; – 2 years guarantee; There is large indoor play centre, size 100x80ft. It will be suitable in average for 180 children.