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Play Bus conversion,

As a leading soft play manufacturer and supplier, Softplay Company   represents the future of leisure activities. Using modern and safe materials we build and install indoor and outdoor playgrounds, play buses and play areas for kids.

As a leading soft play manufacturer and supplier

Softplay Company  represents the future of leisure activities.

Our company provides also commercial playbus design. We specialize in the  conversion of double decker buses into wonderful mobile play centres which give the age-appropriate entertainment experiences for kids. We use the latest design  techniques to create safe and nice place for children to spend time!

Play bus conversions are brilliant idea if you are looking for some soft play equipment and going to open a play centre. We are sure play bus is perfect soft solution because it’s two-in-one: adventure soft play area inside and mobile play soft play in fact for children and adults. It is very good business, people will rent play bus conversions for any event: children’s Birthday parties, christening parties, weddings, family fun days,  special events and  any fetes!

We offer to convert Double Decker Bus into fantastic Play bus conversion what will be great idea for any children’s party, birthday party.

Play bus will be suitable  for adults and  children of any ages: babies, toddlers, juniors.

We offer to You:
choose and put inside your unique play bus conversion anything from these:
– 2 levels;
– any slides;
– ball pools, ball volcanos, ball zones, ball movers, ball showers,ball blast zones;
– learning labs;
– rope bridges;
– climbing walls;
– rock climbing walls;
– discovery walls;
– spinning disc;
– music zones;
– electric sound mat;
– educational play zones;
– activity panels;
– interactive panels;
– any inflatable games;
– any trampolines;
– disco lights;

Softplay Company  will design, manufacture and build  play bus conversion for you.
Play bus conversions usually take 2 weeks to be designed, manufactured and build.

All our products conform to European and British standarts.

We offer for you also:
– safety certificate;
– 2 years guarantee;

It will be suitable in average for 30 children.

Inflatable game trampolines as a means to provide children with the necessary mobility for general health development

Movement is life. Seemingly, that’s an immutable truth. However, the World Health Organization soft play manufacturers uk raises the alarm: modern kids move desperately few, much smaller than required by their nature! Computer games, a huge number of animated children’s television channels, magazines and books, which are becoming more and more colorful – all this, of course, is perfect. And effects very positively on the mental development of the child, making it high-intellectual person soft play manufacturers uk already at a young age, incomparably more quick-witted and mentally active than our generation in the same years. However, there is one big “but”! These same useful and pleasant entertainments for the mind, used in large quantities (and we all know how much time all this may take), cause a very hard to heal damage to the child’s body and its organism as a whole. It’s hard soft play equipment for sale to read the magazine while riding a bicycle, and it is not less difficult to watch TV while running fast or playing football, right? And just like that there comes a scary beast called physical inactivity.


Why should I move?


Child’s physical inactivity is reduced  motor activity to such a level when his health is already threatened. On the move the blood circulation of the body is intensified ,the supply of each cell of the body with oxygen and nutrients is improved, fats are burned, soft play equipment the energy is expended wisely.  And another thing. Not many people know that. Just movement makes the spine to “eat” and to grow! Lack of movement develops a range of ailments, starting from scoliosis … and even eyesight weakening! Yes, that’s right. Because kids’ vision worsens also because of the the soft play equipment  manufacturers clips in a humeral belt, in the neck, blood circulation disorders in these parts. And what movement of blood is talked about when the kid is quietly lying on the couch, gobbling up the buns with juice and watching continuously the television? According to the scientists’ researches, the soft play equipment for sale average child over 2 years need to walk daily as many kilometers, as much old he is. And that’s at least!

And here every parent would exclaim: “What do we need to do? We cannot just chase a child through the streets forcibly?! ”

What should I do?


To solve the problem of inactivity is possible and not so difficult – just engage the child so that he indoor play centres would want to move as much as possible by himself. Here a wonderful role is played by inflatable castles! Such toys are a wonderful way to spend the irrepressible energy of very active kids, and at the same time, whip up those kids, who prefer to spend all soft play equipment free time in indoor soft play equipment front of the TV or an interesting book. Inflatable bouncers are bright, attractive inflatable playrooms that just are beckoning kids. You probably have heard many times, while passing by buy soft play equipment the park or playground, as your baby asks you to let him jump on an inflatable trampoline? Why should we use somebodies’ inflatable slides of unknown origin, if we can buy our own inflatable trampoline!


Children’s inflatable playgrounds can be made in the form of a water park or a train, the castle, funny elephant, princess carriage or a funny clown. In short – for every taste! And the energy consumption when playing in the children’s inflatable house is huge: that are legs jumping and falling, overcoming obstacles, continuous active movement and pleasant game! soft play equipment  manufacturers Hydrodynamic symptoms simply have no place in the life of your child after appearing the inflatable playgrounds in it.


A lot of good things in the same trampoline


Trampolines combining several entertainments are especially noteworthy – these inflatable playgrounds include the actual trampolines, inflatable slides, pools with balls, tunnels, crawl lanes, buy soft play equipment and some of them have climbing walls, various obstacles and even basketball rings for active games! And, by the way, the installation of these inflatable children’s playgrounds is simple even for moms -all this wealth is packed in a convenient bag and is easily placed in the trunk of even a small car.

Water entertainments


Particularly worth mentioning is huge and simply chic inflatable slides for children, made in the form of the real aqua-park. The colorful inflatable game centers can be connected with water supply -and then the inflatable slides are transformed into real water soft play areas descents! In such centers there are tunnels to crawl and various slides to climb over the wall and often even basketball rings to make a hot beach pastime even more active. Also in the kits of such serious inflatable children’s indoor play centres slides there usually goes an air charger, that continuously delivers an air into the inflatable centers, uniformly distributing it to make the trampoline remained proportionally inflated, as well as repair kits and storage bags, which make such purchases very convenient in terms of storage and transport.

Play houses


If you don’t have a huge country house with garden, the problem is solved! Just buy an inflatable children’s house! Yes, such things exist too! Indoor inflatable trampolines for kids can be soft play areas made in the form of a charming house and may have a very fun colorful tunnel. Small children just love to crawl through such things. That may be gaming centers-trampolines made in form of baby playpens, which can be filled with colorful balls and a child would be able to “bathe” in them. Inflatable trampoline may be bought with an original form of a transparent seascape boats. And though it’s intended to play on land it would be very interesting to play indoors -inflatable play center “Boat” would  fit any room and help the kid to feel himself as a real sailor. You can always buy additionally batuto massage balls!


As you can see, trampolines and inflatable slides are really great tools to combat the inactivity problems. When playing inside the bright walls, playing basketball, jumping on the soft elastic surfaces of inflatable children’s trampolines, climbing up on them, slide down from usual children’s inflatable slides or gliding across the water on a water slide, each child spends his energy with incredible benefits to himself, strengthening indoor soft play equipment various muscle groups and the respiratory system, improving blood circulation of the whole body, and just gets an immense pleasure! In addition, the trampoline is such a generic developmental center, which can replace a full small gym. Hypodynamy has no chances!

Summer is a great time. Tired and bored by sitting at home over the winter children do happily spend time on the street.

Modern kids are very overwhelmed by the studying. Due to it they have not much time for usual games, walks and sports. Jumping on a trampoline is not only the benefit, but also a great fun for the child. And if that is a huge play center, than your child can play in it with friends. What child would refuse to play on the trampoline? Jumping allows to experience the sensation of flying, bringing a bunch of emotions, adrenalin, beautiful mood.

To buy a trampoline is to replace entire playgrounds: there are trampoline, mazes, various slides, even a swimming pool. Entertainment becomes a real adventure for kids, they spent hours playing in the air castles.

Operation of the inflatable children’s centres is quite simple.

They are very quick to install and due to the use sun and moisture resistant materials can be used in various weather conditions.

Many advantages provide sufficient evidences to the parents to choose the inflatable trampoline. The costs would be covered by good mood of the kid, his sonorous laugh of pleasure. Still and health would be stronger!

The most popular trampoline is a huge play center!

There are several types of tunnels, basketball hoop, slides. In addition to the slide there is a small swimming pool, which can be filled with colorful balls for more exciting games.

Such popularity of the trampolines is due to their functionality as well as a small cost compared to the huge professional trampolines.

In winter, if you have a spacious room, the trampoline is ideal for entertaining kids. Trampolines are functional and designed well, as well as have specific dimensions. Today you can buy a trampoline of small sizes and large sizes in any web-store.